Sometimes the best way to describe what sets us apart from our competitors is simply to step aside and let our customers tell you about their experience.  John left us a detailed note on Google+ describing the love we’ve given his BMW.  Here’s what he had to say:

Back in July of 2011 I purchased my 2nd BMW from Autohaus BMW, a certified preowned 2008 E60 535xi w/ N54 engine… At that time the car only had 38k miles on it… Since the cert preowned warranty went to 100K miles, I always had the car serviced where I purchased it.. Back in early 2013 the car already had 100k miles on it. I knew how much more expensive it would be to continue to have service performed at the dealership. The service needed during that time was pretty rountine… brakes, tires, warranty related…..etc

I knew about Bimmers R Us from seeing commercials back in the day & noticed they had a Facebook pagethat many of my friends on Facebook”liked”…. When I turned over 100k miles, I was contemplating on selling the car and replacing it with a newer one… Instead I decided to do a little research on having the Dinan software upgrade performed to it. I called Greg & inquired about it… He took the time to explain my options, pricing etc…. Without any hesitation I had the dinan stage 2 upgrade done to the car & it was like driving a new car… (stage 2 upgrade completed fall 2013)

Unfortunately, for the last few months of this year I have to shell out more $$$ than I would have liked to for routine maintenance…… in fact a lot more than I ever thought…. it was always something… as if the car was cursed…. Although I understand things wear out… Recently Dinan came out with a stage 3 upgrade for the N54 engine & the cost to upgrade was only the difference in $$$ between stage 2 & 3.. $200.. Since I like to drive fast I thought why not… after having the stage 3 upgrade completed I was still getting the “engine malfunction reduced power” warning every time I would rapidly accelerate…. I took the car back to Bimmers & Greg & the staff were great. They performed the walnut blasting of the intake valves & also preformed a smoke test. It turned out there was low boost pressure due to the valve cover being warped… They replaced it & $1,900 later the car runs like it had never run before...

All in all…. Owning a BMW can be expensive, but it is what it is.. I think Greg & the staff at Bimmers are extremely friendly, knowledgable, & have a true passion for BMW’s… moving forward…. I plan on taking my car there for any service related needs… Today the car has 130k miles on it and I plan on driving for at least another 3 years…


John M Lena

BMW Owner