BMW & Mini maintenance in St.Louis, MO

The BMW Maintenance System has been devised with the following objectives: maximize vehicle safety, reliability, and minimize breakdowns resulting from wear, at minimum cost. The Service Interval Light system will indicate when you are due for service based on your driving habits.


The Service Indicator consists of five green, one yellow, and one red light and the inscriptions: “Oil Service” and “Inspection” located on your instrument panel.
Whenever the ignition is switched on, up to five green lights will light up, then depending on vehicle use and driving style the green lights will systematically turn off one by one. As you approach the last green light, this is an indication that the next service is almost due and helps you to make any necessary arrangements on a timely basis.
When the last green light turns off, a yellow light appears with one of the inscriptions (Oil Service or Inspection). This indicates that your next maintenance service is due immediately.
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Instrument Panel — BMW & Mini dealer in Saint Louis, MO
If you continue to delay maintenance service, the yellow light and red light appear together with one of the inscriptions (Oil Service or Inspection). In the interest of road safety and reliability you should avoid driving your BMW and have the essential work performed without any further delay.


At Bimmers ‘R’ Us, we take great care in following and exceeding BMW’s maintenance guidelines in order to maintain superior handling, ultimate performance, and most importantly safety and reliability for you and your BMW. However the real value of our service is our expertise and familiarity with the problem areas, common failure points, and the practical service needs of your particular BMW model.
Our Enhanced Maintenance Service exceeds BMW’s factory warranty requirements; the additional services may be included in your service depending upon the model year of your BMW. Prior to 1996, BMW included additional services, however due to introduction of the scheduled maintenance service* BMW lowered their maintenance guidelines. This upgrade in service will extend your BMW’s longevity and performance.
*(The newly formed scheduled maintenance was included in the cost of the vehicle.)
Our Standard Maintenance Service follows BMW’s factory guidelines step by step and meets all BMW factory warranty requirements. Please refer to your owner’s manual for a detailed description of these services for your model year.